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Plantation Medical Clinic

Internal Medicine Physicians & Advanced Practice Clinicians located in Plantation, FL

If you live in Plantation, Florida, or any of the nearby communities, and are seeking quality healthcare services, Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Peter Simek, and his team of Advanced Practice Clinicians at the Plantation Medical Clinic are here for you. Dr. Simek has the experience and resources to evaluate the health of your heart and cardiovascular system, including diagnostic testing with an EKG, and will find a treatment plan best suited for your case.

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What is the difference between HDL and LDL types of cholesterol?

HDL is known as “ the good cholesterol.”  It provides the body with the fats it needs to function. High levels of HDL also help bring LDL, often referred to as “the bad cholesterol” under control. HDL cholesterol isn’t sticky and doesn’t clog your arteries the way LDL cholesterol does.

LDL cholesterol is commonly associated with red meat and other animal fats. HDL cholesterol is found in the Omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, nuts, and fish oils. Maintaining high HDL numbers is important for your cardiovascular health and efficient brain function.

What are the basics of good heart health?

Maintaining a healthy heart requires adhering to a low-fat, balanced diet and getting regular exercise, at least three or four times a week. The heart is a muscle and needs to be exercised just like the rest of the muscles in your body. A healthy diet is equally important and should consist of lean protein, fresh vegetables, and fruits. It should also be low in fats, sugar, and processed foods. Getting plenty of sleep, and keeping stress levels low are key. It’s also important to eliminate or limit harmful lifestyle habits, such as the use of tobacco and alcohol.  

How does exercise affect the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole?

The heart is the only muscle in the body that never stops working. In addition to keeping the heart strong, regular exercise improves your circulation and keeps the blood vessels working efficiently.

Exercise provides the heart with the strength required to pump the blood through the blood vessels. A healthy cardiovascular system is less likely to become stiff or force the heart to work harder than it needs to. Regular exercise can help to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy and strong heartbeat.

Come in and allow our Physician and Staff to evaluate and educate you on good heart health. Our office has the latest medical equipment to evaluate your cardiovascular system.